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The Shadow Series: Book 3

I shouldn't want her. My brain keeps telling me she's off limits. But that doesn't seem to stop me from getting closer to the girl I'm tasked with protecting. My job is to keep her safe, and nothing is going to get in the way of that. Even if her smile makes me happier than I've been in years.

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Soldiers of fortune.

Hired guns.



We’re the ones who go into enemy territory when no one else will. It’s dangerous, it’s secretive, and we’re good at it. 


It takes a certain skill set to do my job, and distractions get in the way of doing it well. And meeting Thia Ames has become the biggest distraction of all. 


But when Thia is put up for auction on the black market, my team is tasked with her protection. She is my mission, and protecting her should be my sole focus. But the shadows that lurk behind her bright smile hint at a dark past that calls to the hero in me.


I can’t afford to get involved. Not only am I almost twenty years older than her, but acting on my emotions could very well get us both killed.


Her life hangs in the balance. I couldn’t save her before, but this time, I’ll do whatever it takes… or die trying.

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