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The Shadow Series: Book 2

I didn't want to like Isaac Hayes. In fact, I did everything I could to keep from falling for him. But that schoolboy grin and his unwavering patience with my surly attitude made it more difficult than I was prepared for. What's worse is I'm going to need his help to find the international criminals who've got me in their sights.

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I uncover secrets no one wants me to find. Celebrities, international fugitives, even my neighbors. No one is off limits.


All I need is a name and a location, and the dirty things they try to hide will suddenly come to light.


My biggest fault? Believing I don’t need help, despite all the evidence to the contrary. And the one person capable of aiding me turns my body to Jell-O.


I don’t want to rely on Isaac Hayes to help me solve this puzzle. But the pieces don’t fit together, and we’re running out of time.


If I can’t set my pride aside and allow Isaac to help me, the ghosts of my past will take more from me than just my life.

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