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The Shadow Series: Book 1

Falling in love with Dax Pierce was not in Hailey's plan. She has too many secrets to allow anyone into her life. Except, Dax seems to have just as many secrets, and the same willingness to fight the evil of this world. Which is good because Hailey will need all the help she can get if she expects to win against the Russian mob.

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Black widows.

Femmes fatales.


We’ve gone by many names, but our goal has remained the same: exact justice for those whom the system has failed.


Working in the shadows, my life has become a book of secrets.


But I prefer it that way. It keeps the people I care about safe from the evil that plagues this world.


At least that was until an enigmatic, former Navy SEAL with as many secrets as I have, tore down my walls and painted a target on his own back in an effort to protect me.


I didn’t want to get him involved in my world.


But now that I have, I’ll need him in order to uncover the sinister plots of the organization I’ve been sent to destroy.


I mean, a girl can’t take down the Russian mob alone, right?

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