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Protecting Her Heart

The Sonoma Series: Book 4

Ben never wanted to move back home and take over the animal clinic for his dad. The only thing making this abruption in his life better? The feisty tech who works for him.

Protecting Her Heart_ebook.jpg


My new boss is a grade A jerk.


With a permanent scowl furrowing his eyebrows and the words ‘back off’ stamped across his forehead, he’s made our small-town animal clinic unbearable. Unfortunately for me, broody only makes him hotter.


Until the night he saved my life, and my entire view on Benjamin Crawford changed. Falling for your boss usually ends in disaster, but this time, it’s not because we work together.


Making Ben mine paints a target on my back, forcing the dark shadow lurking around me to make itself known. Someone else wants me and is determined to keep me.


And no matter what we do to stop them, I think they may succeed.

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