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Guarding Her Love

The Sonoma Series: Book 1

The fictional small town of Sonoma, North Carolina seems idilic at first glance but little do the townspeople know there's a killer among them. 

As the police chief, Cooper Jackson's job is to find out who's terrorizing the town, but when the murderer targets the love of his life, his job becomes much harder.

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A gruesome murder. A sickening crime scene. A treacherous betrayal. 


All things I never thought I’d experience as a small town police chief. Instead of policing teenagers and bar fights, I’m walking through bloody crime scenes hoping one of my neighbors isn’t killed next. 


My saving grace? The beautiful blue-eyed newcomer, Quinn Lawson. She’s the light that burns away the heavy darkness on my shoulders, making it so I can do my job—protect my town…


Until I fail to protect the one person who means the most to me. 


Taken by someone I never believed would betray me, getting her back becomes my sole focus.


But with betrayal burning deep in my soul, I may cause her death before I can save her from it.

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