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Finding Her Strength

The Sonoma Series: Book 3

Levi has waited his whole life for the right woman to come along, and when she does she's everything he hoped for and more. He just has to convince her he's worth taking a chance on.

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I was finally safe.


After fleeing the evil of my old life with nothing more than a suitcase and a new identity, I retreated to the charming, small town of Sonoma, North Carolina to create a new home where I was safe to heal. But meeting the only man to ever make my heart race was not a part of the plan.


Levi Jackson was everything I’d ever wanted. Kind, sensitive, and so drop-dead gorgeous I could barely think around him. His ability to make me laugh along with his ever-present smirk gave me no choice but to fall hard and fast for him.


But after one phone call, the beautiful life I was building began to crumble. The malevolence of my past had caught up to me. He was here, lurking in the shadows. There will be no stopping him now that he has found me.


I thought I was safe. But I was wrong…

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