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The Metamorphosis Series: Book 1

As the CEO and co-owner of Sidelines Sporting Goods, Adam Ellis doesn't do silly. He can't afford to throw caution to the wind. But his new, sunshiney secretary is prepared to show him how good being bad can be.

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This all started with a purple feathered peacock pen. Because who doesn’t love those bouncy plastic animals?


My boss, that’s who. He’s grumpy, growly, and one rainbow-printed sticky note away from a heart attack, I tell ya.


All I wanted to do was bring a little color into Adam Ellis’s life. I had no clue my efforts would bring out a man so incredibly tempting, I’d be willing to skirt the rules just to see what was under those freshly pressed suits.


I never expected Adam to let go of his rigid control enough to explore the sizzling chemistry between us. I also never expected to fall head over heels for the man.


But when someone threatens to upend what I thought would be our happily ever after, I have to make a choice: ruin the one thing that has brought me true happiness or betray the love of my life.

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