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Breathing Her Fire

The Sonoma Series: Book 2

Natalie Carlisle has always preferred to do things on her own. But when those headstrong tendencies grab the attention of the captain of the Fire Department, things start to go up in flames.

In more ways than one.


I’m blaming my hormones. And deliciously spicy man cologne.


Because I think I blacked out there for a minute. Did Tucker James, aka hot firefighter, aka man of my dreams, just ask me out in an elevator? Yes… Yes, I think he did. What the hell do I do now?


If I were smart, I would listen to my mom and JUMP ON IT. That’s what a good daughter would do, right? Heed her advice. 


So when Tucker and I finally get together, we’re well on our way to happily ever after, until a crazy arsonist goes on a spree, leaving nothing but death and destruction in his wake… 


And now he’s set his sights on me…


If we don’t find this maniac soon, I could lose more than just the love of my life.

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